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The Crossings is a place for former and current members of ATI, IBLP, ALERT and other IBLP related ministries to connect. It was founded in 1995 as a place for Christian friends separated by distance to be rejoined. At the Crossings you can discuss ideas, share your news, post photos, chat, and more — all in a protected environment.

This site has no ties whatsoever with the Institute. It is an independent gathering of students or former students who have been in or are involved in the Institute.

The time we spent in our service or education was for many a highlight of our lives. We made many lifetime friends while working or learning together. The Crossings is meant to help us stay connected and read about what paths God has led us on.

It is the goal of the webmaster and the staff that the Crossings be a safe, fun, Christ-centered community. All areas of the Crossings are monitored by a team of volunteers to help maintain this goal.