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Shopper App

Shopper is without a doubt the best Shopping List App on iTunes. Making and sharing a shopping list has never been easier or more convenient.

With Shopper, you create and add to your shopping list whenever you think of things you need to buy. Type in the names of items, take a photo of them, or pick from the large list of shopping items that comes built-in. Sync your list with other Shopper users and they can always view your up-to-date list! Your entire family’s needs are with you whenever you go.

When you’re shopping, check off the items as you go through the store. Your shopping list is with you all the time, and automatically keeps in sync with the other members of your shopping group (such as your family).

Shopper can also recommend to you deals you might not have known about from your local grocery flyer — all based on the items you are already looking for on your shopping list.