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Puget Sound Heating

Puget Sound Heating is a division of Puget Sound Gas Piping. Like its parent company's website, this one has also not taken off yet. It was also created mainly to give them some real estate on the web, and contact information.

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Puget Sound Gas Piping

Puget Sound Gas Piping website has really not taken off yet. It was created mainly to give them some real estate on the web, and some contact information.

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Life Changing Loans

Life Changing Loans is a Peer-to-Peer lending portal site. The website is designed to give you every advantage when it comes to getting a Peer-to-Peer loan through Prosper.com. Loans up to as much as $25,000 available for whatever life-changing idea you have in mind.


Anderson Real Estate

Whether it's helping family, friends, business associates, or just putting something together for my own enjoyment, I always put in my best effort. This is a site designed for my brother and sister-in-law. They are realtors in Washington State.

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Language Defense Agency

The Language Defense Agency is a worldwide network of translation / interpretation services, with the purpose of providing early warning information of any acts that are intended to harm persons, property or economic systems. It is their goal to serve as a terrorism deterrent.


Christian Home Fellowship

This was a site I put together for Christian Home Fellowship. Among other things, the site featured a forum for Christians to meet and discuss, post local events, etc. The site was primarily a resource for helping Christians find home fellowships in their area.

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The Texas Doghouse Band

Website for The Official House Band of Texas, The Texas Doghouse Band. Classic Rock, Oldies, Blues & Country, with an Attitude.


Evangel Baptist Church

Former homepage for Evangel Baptist Church of Memphis, TN. Included such features as an interactive Google map for finding the church, a password-protected Resource Center for members, and a Calendar page that drew dynamically off an iCalendar .ics file uploaded by the church.