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Scott's Antiques & Woodworking

Scott’s Antiques & Woodworking site is one that I designed for a local Woodworking Artisan. We also set up a Facebook Page for them.

Welsh Forest Products

From This ...

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Whitworth Automotive

Puget Sound Heating is a division of Puget Sound Gas Piping. Like its parent company's website, this one has also not taken off yet. It was also created mainly to give them some real estate on the web, and contact information.

Beasley Law Firm

The Beasley Law Firm PLLC is a group of attorneys for the general public with a focus on excellence in representation of its clients; providing advice to persons in need of legal assistance whether on a small or large scale; and, obtaining positive results through litigation or settlement with character, honor and integrity. I worked on this site after a long, successful association with the firm’s founder, Mr. T. Tarry Beasley, II.

Language Defense Agency

The Language Defense Agency is a worldwide network of translation / interpretation services, with the purpose of providing early warning information of any acts that are intended to harm persons, property or economic systems. It is their goal to serve as a terrorism deterrent.

The Language Defense Agency website is no longer managed by Sterling Studios.

Jubilee Ltd., Giftseller

Customers of my previous prepress services have often counted on me to move them into the next era with web design and website maintenance. One example of this is Jubilee Ltd., Giftseller.

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