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We Rest in Thee
Posted December 25, 1995

Some while back there was a hymn that I wrote for Wendy and myself when we were going through difficult times before we were married. It stemmed out of We Rest On Thee, I think, and used the same music, that moving piece by Jean Sibelius. Unfortunately the greater body of the poem was lost the first time my car was stolen, as I think it was in one of the three volumes of my journals in the car at the time, but I've stumbled across some fragments here and there, during the course of the writing of it, and so I record them here.

We Rest in Thee
(Finlandia, same tune as "Be Still My Soul")

(from a letter on 12/25/95, the first mention of the 1st verse)
We rest in Thee, our Shield and our Defender;
What can we ask, but what Thou dost provide?
We find in Thee our safe, our sure surrender —
We ask nought, but Thou keep us at Thy side.
We rest in Thee, our future Hope and past,
Till we shall rest, secure in Thee at last!

(from a letter on 12/28/95, this is indicated as being the 2nd verse)
We rest in Thee, while tempests overpassing
E'er seek to tear us from this Haven sweet.
We find in thee a Love all loves surpassing,
That ever waits, our deepest need to meet.
We rest in Thee, our Shelter and our Guide —
Till we shall rest, forever at Thy side.

We rest in Thee, through trial and tribulation;
We know that Thou art ever at our side.
We find in Thee our sweetest meditation,
And we will ever in Thy will abide.
We rest in Thee, our Dearest Friend and True,
Till we shall rest with Heaven's gates in view.

We rest in Thee, and in Thy grace upholding;
Without thy breath we soon would fade away.
We find in Thee the Arms of Love enfolding
Each soul in which Thou fully hast Thy way.
We rest in Thee, our Proof of Heaven's Love,
Till we shall rest in Heaven's home above.

We rest in Thee, and in Thy promised Word —
What Thou hast said must surely come to pass.
We find in Thee our ever-faithful Lord;
We know that Thou shalt clear this darkling glass.
We rest in Thee, content to run the race,
Till we shall rest, and view Thee, face to face.

We rest in Thee, O Love of all the meek,
Till wickedness shall fade and pass away.
We find in Thee the peace for which we seek,
And know that thou hast ever been our stay!
We rest in Thee, our righteousness alone,
Till we shall rest, together at Thy throne.

Sadly, much of the poem was lost. I think there were 10 or 12 verses, but these words here preserved are as true today as when they were written.

Night-Cry of the White Hawk
Posted September 1996

Would that I could fly,
As birds up in the sky.
High above the ground,
Lost in silent sound,
Men hear my mighty call.

With my wings spread wide,
Down to the earth I glide;
Then I pull them tight,
As for breath I fight,
And toward the earth I fall.

But all fearing dies;
With wings outspread, I rise,
Up from the earth again...
Free from care and pain
That binds the mortal man.

Man the Earth may rule —
Mighty king, lowly fool;
Leave the sky to me,
As far as eye can see,
And none can foil my plan.

*Gavin means “White Hawk”

Good Ol’ Days
Posted September 1996

Ah … remember the good ol’ days?
Funny faces,
Farout places.

Lost in imagination
and thought,
Dreaming of things and places
that were not.

Hexpalusal voyages to
Gankethusen Isles,
Forbidden dips, knowing looks,
and crafty smiles.

Flights of fancy,
through glades and fens,
And far away,
undiscovered never-beens.

Lost in the mist of yesteryear,
The dreams of tomorrows
unimagined …
Bid us venture on …
out of the dark of today,
into the light of tomorrow.

Let us look to the sky and pray,
Like two men awakening from a dream,

That this present darkness
Is not the gloom of grey
That heralds the coming of Night;

But, rather, the last weak attempts
of that Night
To resist the swift and inevitable
approach of Day.

Let us awake, to sleep no more;
The Dawn is upon us.
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