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Mrs. Beard
Posted for Kindergarten

I started Kindergarten a year late, because the first year that I was put in Kindergarten, it became evident to my parents and the teacher that I just wasn't interested in school at all, at that age.

I don't remember much about Kindergarten, at Heritage Christian School. I remember that Mrs. Beard actually had a first name, but that we were not allowed to call her by her first name; she was just Mrs. Beard.

I also remember getting a spanking in Kindergarten, for "making noise during nap time". Mrs. Beard later apologized to me, because I was not the one who had been making the noise.

I think that that cemented in my mind a good feeling about teachers. They were to be respected, and their paddle feared, but they also were man (or woman) enough to admit when they were wrong.

Mrs. Beard was a good teacher; and I liked her; Mrs. Beard, wherever you are, "Thank you for your investment in my life!"

Heritage Christian School

Heritage Christian School

Mrs. Potter
Posted for 1st Grade

I don't remember much of anything at all about 1st Grade, except that in 1st Grade we were taught how to read — a wonderful thing! My teacher's name was Mrs. Potter; she was a good teacher, and I liked her.

Mrs. Catherine (nee Christiansen)
Posted for 2nd & 3rd Grade

Miss Christiansen was a teacher by school year and a forest fire lookout volunteer by summer. And for that very reason she was the envy of us book worms, who would imagine those long summer days, out in the woods, with nothing better to do than cozy up to a warm book, and take a peek out the tower window every once in awhile to make sure that there were no fires.

I really liked having Miss Christiansen for a teacher and was pleased to find out that, after 2nd Grade, she would be moving to 3rd Grade with us.
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