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Bold as an Eagle

Candid Observation on Life
Posted October 2001

This poem was written in response to one of those bogus poetry collection letters you get in the mail, where they invariably write back to you about "what great potential you have," and how they would like to include your poem in one of their collections, which you can purchase a copy of for only $59.95 ("only for you, my friend"). So I thought I'd see just how silly a poem I could write, and still get back the standard "wonderful talent" letter.

Life — the essence of green —
It is like nothing ever seen
in pleasant thought or golden dream.

Life is a horror
Of sudden deaths
and unforeseen circumstances —
Opportunities missed —
Casual romances,
equally casual separations.

Distance, like the last fragments of a dream,
Creeping in upon the conscious mind,
remind us that life is the essence —
only the essence —
of green.

He Cares for Me
Posted September 2005

For the birds of the air
Your hand doth care;
Not one does fall,
But You are there.

Why then should I
So fretful be?
My Father's hand
Will care for me.

He cares for me;
I know He does.
No circumstance
Will make me fear;

So, to His side
I now will flee
And there proclaim,
"He cares for me!"

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