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Mr. Allison
Posted for 9th Grade Algebra

Mr. Allison, one of my teachers at Tacoma Baptist High School, stands out in my mind as perhaps the best teacher of an academic subject that I have ever met. When I think of his teaching abilities, I cannot imagine any student coming out of his classes with anything less than an "A". He had a knack for taking a difficult subject, like mathematics, and making it so understandable that anyone could grasp the principles.

I have tried to emulate his patience in my own teaching experiences, and his ability to re-approach problems from different angles — to restructure his teaching — to meet the ultimate goal of passing on knowledge.

Mrs. Linda Allison
Posted for 9th Grade Art

Linda Allison, the wife of my Algebra teacher, was my 9th Grade art teacher, and is the main mover behind this online portfolio.

I sat down to write a thank you letter to her one day, for her influence in my life, and it suddenly occurred to me that I had no portfolio to show her, per se — I had six measly pictures set up on a single page of my website. So, I sent off the letter, with a link to a then non-existent portfolio and went to work madly trying to get a portfolio online, the night before flying out to California to visit my Aunt & Uncle. What you see here is the result of those labors. I will continue to add material to this site as time allows.

In art class, she was my muse, (if there is such a thing). She inspired and encouraged me. Many people were in art class to avoid going to a "real" class, to goof off, and flap their jaws with their peers; but I was there for the pure love of art, to learn methodology and to hone my skills — and she rewarded those desires.

When I look back on some of my art from those days, I realize that it was not outstanding work, but it evoked a vision of the future, and she praised me, she nominated me for awards, she did not confine me to exact forms when she saw that I could work outside of them — she believed in me and looked ahead to what I would become — and she instilled in me that same confidence in myself that she had in me.

Thank you, Mrs. Allison!

Mrs. Howe
Posted for 9th Grade Typing

For the past 6 years, I have been working in the prepress department of a local printing company. I was (until recently) the Graphic Designer there. I say, until recently, because another printing company in town called me out of the blue, wishing to acquire my services (for a considerably larger sum than I was currently being paid), and I started with them (or returned to work with them) just before Christmas 2005. I had worked with them for 3 years when I first came to Memphis, running a 5-color printing press on 2nd shift.

If I had not take Mrs. Howe's 9th grade typing class, I would not be where I am today. (Please do not ask what my typing speed is today — because it has not improved much since then — but, then again, that's not what they were paying me for.)
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