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Mrs. Carolyn Elder
Posted for 4th Grade

I have three distinct memories from 4th Grade.

In 4th Grade Mrs. Elder introduced us to the Soprano Recorder (my first recorder was a blue one-below). This was to begin a life-long love for the instrument and formed the rudimentary elements for several other woodwind instruments that would follow in it's path, including, to name a few: alto recorder, fife, an Hungarian(?) instrument (pictured below) which I have since forgotten the name of, many Irish penny whistles (in D and C), an Irish black whistle, a chanter (the practice instrument for the bagpipes), and a beautiful Selmer Signet Special Bb clarinet.


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In 4th Grade, I once pretended to have fallen asleep when it was time to go out for recess. I didn't like going out for recess. I was, I think, a very shy kid, but I also was not usually interested in the sort of play that went on out on the playground (although I enjoyed kickball). I'm sure my teacher knew I was faking, but she let me stay inside anyway.

Fourth Grade also holds for me my first memory of a field trip — to Whidbey Island. It was an overnight field trip, and we stayed with families on the island. I remember visiting a saw mill and also visiting Fort Casey State Park and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. Built in 1890 to help guide ships into Puget Sound, the lighthouse became obsolete in 1927 when its lantern was removed.

I liked Mrs. Elder — she was a great teacher!

Mrs. Susan Stopoulus (nee Wright)
Posted for 5th Grade

Miss Susan Wright, as she was known in those days, was perhaps the main driving force behind my modern-day love of poetry. In her class we read a lot of poetry, memorized poetry, and sang poetry (aka hymns) to the accompaniment of her beautiful guitar playing.

That year saw many memorable event in my life: I ran in a marathon, the St. Joseph's Heart Run; I recited Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Excelsior!" in a poetry recital; and I learned to play the guitar, which I quickly decided I would prefer to hear others play (since the metal strings hurt my fingers).*

Mrs. Stopoulus, wherever you are, thanks for the inspiration. I hope life is treating you kindly.

*This was my father's steel string guitar, which I believe is now in the possession of my brother, Matt. Dad could play a mean "Oh, the Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night," and I loved to hear him play.

Mrs. Lyons
Posted for Summer after 6th Grade

One Summer, Dad and I attended an art class together, taught by Mrs. Lyons. She focused on pastels, and we had a great time learning about shape and shading, and reenforcing the principles she taught during that school year.

I hope to have some of those pieces in the Museum shortly, so that you can see what an excellent teacher she was.
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